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Tabbernor Block Project Tour

The Tabbernor Block is made up of 4 vertical claim areas just outside the Athabasca Basin, covering over 66,000 hectares. These claims were acquired based on their geographic relationship to some of the major uranium deposits in the region as well as their location within the Tabbernor Fault System.

Umfreville Project Tour

The project sits on the North-East rim of the Athabasca Basin and lies over a complex series of cross-cutting faults which are typical mineralization settings.

Red Cloud Uranium Conference Webinar - May 13, 2021

Purepoint featured at the Red Cloud Uranium Conference: Fuelling the Path Towards Electrification

Red Willow Project Tour

The 100% owned Red Willow property is situated on the eastern edge of the Athabasca Basin in Northern Saskatchewan, Canada and consists of 17 mineral claims having a total area of 40,116 hectares. The property is located close to several uranium deposits including Orano Resources Canada Inc.’s JEB mine, approximately 10 kilometres to the southwest, and Cameco’s Eagle Point mine that is approximately 10 kilometres due south.

Turnor Lake Project Tour

Turnor Lake is 100% owned by Purepoint and includes five claims with a total area of 9,706 hectares situated on the Eastern side of the Athabasca Basin. The considerable geophysical work and first pass drilling carried out to date by Purepoint has prepared Turnor Lake for immediate drilling.

Purepoint's 2021 Exploration Work Schedule

Clearly the markets have been readying themselves for a rebalancing of the uranium fuel pipeline and a revival of uranium prices – a prediction further backed by numerous analysts and industry experts. Purepoint is returning to the exploration projects we initiated over a decade ago and will be actively advancing our significant pipeline of projects in the coming months.

CRUX Investor Interview with Purepoint: $7M Raise & Timing Comeback Right

CRUX Investor Interview with Chris Frostad: Confidence in Purepoint's Model

Q2-2021 Corporate Presentation

Deliberately Positioned for Uranium Revival - A webinar hosted by Red Cloud Financial Services

2021 Winter Drill Program at Hook Lake

The 2021 Hook Lake Drill Program will focus on the Sabre Zone, a large target area at the north end of the project that is now ready for first pass drilling.

Purepoint on CRUX Investor

Purepoint has been around before the last cycle and has survived the market malaise of the last 10 years. We discuss his views on the macro in that time and his hopes for 2021. There is pragmatism and caution to Frostad's approach. He is keen to talk the language of being a miner rather than a promoter.

Purepoint Uranium Group sees great opportunity as they look to develop in the Athabasca Basin

Chris Frostad joined Steve Darling from Proactive to shared details about the company that is focused on the exploration of its projects in the Canadian Athabasca Basin, the world’s richest uranium region.

Beyond Hook Lake: Purepoint's Highly Advanced Uranium Portfolio

Purepoint Uranium (PTU.V) holds nearly 100,000 hectares of claims across its uranium exploration projects in the Athabasca Basin. Within these claims are well over 20 distinct and well-defined drill target regions that have been surveyed extensively, and in most cases, had first pass drilling performed. In this short video, Chris Frostad, President & CEO provides a glimpse into some of these highly prospective targets.

Uranium Investor's Guide to the Next Big Discovery - Part 1: The Patterson Model

Based on repeated discoveries, the Patterson Model provides a clear map forward.

Uranium Investor's Guide to the Next Big Discovery - Part 2: The Sabre Zone

The Patterson Model, based on repeated discoveries, provides a clear map to the Sabre Zone, Purepoint's next exploration target within the Hook Lake JV Project

Uncovering the Patterson Uranium District

Situated on the south west edge of the Athabasca Basin, the Patterson Uranium District in northern Saskatchewan Canada has proven to be one of the most prolific new uranium regions in the world. Interest in the area was prompted decades ago by the abundance of graphitic conductors that run across the district. These conductors represent one of the primary targets when exploring for uranium in the Athabasca Basin.

Uranium Tipping Point: The Pending Price Correction

Uranium market shift is underway with recent price correction representing the first indication that we are reaching  the tipping point.

2020 Uranium Cost Curve

See how COVID-19 has crippled uranium production and seriously eroded the 2020 Uranium Cost Curve, moving us closer to the market's long awaited tipping point.

Purepoint Uranium Group closes Toronto Stock Exchange, February 28, 2020 ahead of PDAC2020

The team from Purepoint Uranium Group Inc. (TSXV: PTU), joined Dean McPherson, Head, Global Mining, Business Development, TMX Group, to close the market in celebration of 15 years listed on TSX Venture Exchange. Purepoint Uranium is focused on the precision exploration of its nine projects in the Canadian Athabasca Basin, the world's richest uranium region. Purepoint Uranium Group Inc. commenced trading on TSX Venture Exchange on June 3, 2005.

Purepoint's Uranium Market & Corporate Update - The Long Game Webinar

Chris Frostad, President & CEO of Purepoint Uranium Group Inc. (TSXV: PTU) discuss the state of the junior uranium exploration market as well as its flagship Hook Lake Project. The Hook Lake Project is owned jointly by Cameco Corp. (39.5%), Orano Canada Inc. (39.5%) and Purepoint Uranium Group Inc. (21%). As a follow-up to our Uranium Investment Thesis from last year, Purepoint is continuing the conversation on what’s happening in the uranium market, with a focus on uranium investors and what junior explorers are doing to meet expectations.

The End of a 7 Year Bear Market?

During the VRIC 2019, Mike Alkin, Chief Investment Officer of Sachem Cove Partner hosts a Uranium Exploration Panel with Purepoint Uranium, Skyharbour Resources and ISO Energy.

Advanced Exploration in the World's Richest Uranium Region

Chris Frostad talking about Hook Lake JV drilling program during the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference - January 2019

Uranium: The Fundamentals Have Turned with Catalysts Galore

Mike Alkin, Chief Investment Officer at Sachem Cove Partners at the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference - January 2019

Uranium could be next on the hit list, CTV News July 18, 2018

Uranium could be next on the hit list for a new wave of US tariffs imposed on Canada. Chris Frostad, CEO of Purepoint Uranium Group joined CTV News Channel to discuss the potential impact of uranium tariffs on the Canadian economy.

Will Japan Signal the Return of Uranium? (31.49 m)

Chris Frostad, President & CEO of Purepoint Uranium Group Inc. joins Nick Hodges and Warren Stayner to speak about Uranium markets at the International Mining Investment Conference in Vancouver on May 2018.

Advanced Exploration in the World's Richest Uranium Region (11.53 m)

Chris Frostad, President & CEO of Purepoint Uranium Group Inc. speaking the International Mining Investment Conference 2018 about its Uranium Exploration Program at Hook Lake Project in the Patterson Uranium District in the Athabasca Basin.

Chris Frostad View from C-Suite (4.59 m)

Chris Frostad, CEO of Purepoint Uranium provides insight into the Company's uniqueness in the Athabasca Basin

CEO Elevator Pitch during PDAC 2018 (1.22 m)

Chris Frostad, CEO of Purepoint Uranium's elevator pitch on its Hook Lake Project, a JV with Cameco and Orano

2016 Patterson Uranium District Webinar (36.45 m)

Interpretation of the Patterson Uranium District in the Athabasca Basin by Purepoint Uranium Group Inc.

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