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The Tabbernor Faults are a deep seated, 1,500 kilometre crustal shear system that runs north through the Athabasca Basin.  The system not only hosts over 80 historic mines and gold occurrences but as well cross cuts the Basin’s mine trend aligning itself with 8 of the Basin’s largest uranium discoveries..

Purepoint’s claims capture this system and we will be carrying out initial airborne geophysics this summer in order to narrow down the most prospective areas for potential uranium deposition.

  • ColinEagle Project: 8,461 hectares in 4 claims
  • MidBear Project: 21,546 hectares in 7 claims
  • JebRaven Project:14,400 hectares in 6 claims
  • Millkey Project: 21,661 hectares in 9 claims


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