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CRUX Investor interview with Chris Frostad, President & CEO of Purepoint Uranium Group Inc. (TSX-V:PTU)

Another Athabasca Basin uranium junior readying themselves for this cycle. Purepoint has been around before the last cycle and has survived the market malaise of the last 10 years. We discuss his views on the macro in that time and his hopes for 2021. There is pragmatism and caution to Frostad’s approach. He is keen to talk the language of being a miner rather than a promoter. They are a $12M mkt cap, which despite being realists, means they need to start telling their story now. The competition is.

They have Orano and Cameco as partners at Hook Lake. Purepoint’s has 21% of the asset but are the operator. Hook Lake has had $20M spent on it. So where are they with that project? A drill programme is starting in January. We discuss how that get funded and future capital raises. What does Frostad want to achieve this year?

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0:00 – Introduction

1:45 – Company Overview

2:54 – Views on the Market: New Entrants, Catalysts & Parallels

10:01 – Team Track Record & Experience

15:27 – Company Philosophy & Timing: When Does it Get Going Again?

20:57 – Differentiation in Times of Hyper-promotion

24:50 – Hook Lake: Data, Plans, & Financing it All

28:54 – Taking Back Control & Pacing

32:59 – Cash Position, Allocation, & Raise

34:53 – Remuneration & Management Shareholding

36:38 – Versions of Success: Timing Value Growth


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